Our Tanks

Future Fisherman Tanks

The H20 Exhibits Future Fisherman Tanks are the most advanced youth fishing tanks on the market today. With fishing being a clean, healthy family sport these tanks have been a great success introducing fishing to 800,000 kids the past 15 years. H20 Exhibits is proud to be the nations largest supporter of youth angling with over 500,000 kids catching their very first fish in our tanks. All fishing equipment is provided for each kid to enjoy their free catch & release fishing experience.

These tanks are available in two different sizes, 40’ and 20’ to accommodate your promotion. They are generally stocked with several hundred pounds of Rainbow Trout, Catfish or Panfish. The larger tank can fish 14 kids per timed segment while the smaller 20’ tank can fish 8 comfortable. These tanks are the most advanced youth tanks on the market featuring UV filtration and chillers to allow that our fish remain happy and healthy for even the longest events.

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Demonstration Tanks

The H20 Exhibit demonstration tanks are available in a few different sizes (40’ & 35’). The tanks are filled with multiple fish species. By using artificial lures without hooks we are able to demonstrate how fish react to lures under a variety of fishing conditions. Fish are never harmed during our seminars (no live hooks) and are donated back to local Fish & Game agencies to restock for urban fishing opportunities. In addition to numerous fishing seminars per day we also have live fish feeding presentations. Like our additional tanks the demonstration tanks features UV filtration and chillers to provide maximum comfort even during the longest events. These tanks make an outstanding attraction at every location we attend!

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H20 Exhibits has created the world’s first ICE Tank. With over 7 million Ice fisherman in the US alone we created the first tank to effectively showcase their unique style of ice fishing. This tank is 10’ long by 7’ wide and features unique LED lighting complete with chiller and UV filtration. Trout, Bass and Blue Gill are the standard fish species found within this tank as they are some of the most sought after species through the ice. In addition to utilizing the ICE tank for demonstration use it also doubles as an incredible stand alone display!

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