Q: Can the H20 Exhibit tanks be featured outside as well?
A: Absolutely, our tanks are designed to be utilized in both indoors and out. When placed outdoors we prefer a hard surface such as concrete or gravel to be placed on. We also provide our own tents for shade relief for the public.

Q: Do you allow promoters the opportunity to sell sponsorship on your tanks to help offset their cost?
A: Yes, almost every location we hang major banners and display product on behalf of our show promoters. We work hard to help you receive Co-op sponsor dollars to help offset the cost. We are about making this a win-win opportunity for you.

Q: Should I be concerned about a leaky tank?
A: Absolutely not! Unlike our competitors who use swimming pool liners which can break and flood – H20 Exhibits has engineered their tanks to be overbuilt with Steel and Acrylic glass. Our glass can actually stop small caliber bullets! We are proud of our 100% safety record over the last 15 years of business.

Q: How would you receive fish for our event?
A: We work closely with several states Fish & Game agencies to provide the fish. If we cannot get fish donated for your event with will work with the local fish hatchery.

Q: For the Future Fisherman Tanks – how many kids can fish at once?
A: On the large tank (40’) we can fish up to seven kids per side bringing the total number to 14 kids fishing. Generally to keep the lines down each kid is allowed to fish for 10 minutes. For the smaller tanks (20’) we can fish four kids per side or eight total.

Q: How many hours do your tanks stay open?
A: We generally will fish eight hours per day and close at dusk. If indoors or outdoor lighting is available additional time may be requested.

Q: How do you keep your water clean and cool?
A: Our tanks feature top tank technology including UV filtration to rid the water of the ammonia and high density bag filters to keep the water crystal clear in addition to chiller systems to keep our fish at a healthy temperature.

Q: Do you allow the kids to keep their fish once caught?
A: We strongly encourage catch and release. Statistics show that most fish caught and kept at the show will remain at the show (thrown away). This is a waste of resource and teaches bad sportsmanship. With our tanks, once the youth catches the fish we snap a few pictures and teach them how to release the fish back to the water. Simple. Clean. Fun!